Black Forest Genealogy

Genealogy in Germany's Black Forest Region

Welcome to the Black Forest Web Site

The Black Forest, or Schwarzwald, is a section of Southwestern Germany that borders on Switzerland on the south, on the Neckar River to the East and on France to the West. The Northern gate to the Black Forest is Pforzheim (See a map of the area of the Black Forest that this site attempts to cover).

The Black Forest is named for the beautiful mountain landscape with its dense population of pine trees. It is a region of incomparably unspoiled nature with its forests, mountains and meadows.

The Black Forest is known for its half-timber houses many of them 300 years old. The craftsmen of the area are well known around the world for their cuckoo clocks and the Christmas season is never complete without a nutcracker f rom this region. Castles, vineyards and orchards dot the hillsides.

This site is dedicated to genealogy research in this beautiful part of Germany. It is also dedicated to the history and the ancestors that made this region the beautiful place that it is.

A special "Thank You" to all of the people who donated the many hours of typing, translation and research to help create this site. Without all of these volunteers, this site would not be possible.

The information contained in these pages has been donated by researchers who have ancestors who lived in the Black Forest Region of Germany. They have agreed to share the results of their work. Every effort has been made to assure that the information is as accurate as possible however, mistakes do happen, and some information may be incorrect.

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Many (Ortsfamilienbücher) Heritage Books are online at

The Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe is online at:

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Here are some archive addresses for cities/villages in the Black Forest

  • Stadtarchiv Freiburg
    Gruenwaelerstrasse Number 15
    79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Stadtarchiv Lahr
    77933 Lahr (Schwarzwald)
  • Stadtarchiv Wolfach
    Hauptstr 41
    77709 Wolfach
  • Stadtarchiv Baden Baden
    Küferstraße 3
    76530 Baden-Baden
    Telefon: (07221) 93-22 71
    Telefax: (07221) 93-22 77
  • Stadtarchiv Calw
    Bischofstra 48
    75365 Calw
  • Stadtarchiv Pforzheim
    Brettener Str. 19
    75177 Pforzheim
  • Stadtarchiv Buhl
    Hauptstr 47
    77815 Buhl
  • Stadtarchiv Gernsbach
    Postfach 140
    76584 Gernsbach
  • Stadtarchiv Rastatt
    Herrenstr 11
    76437 Rastatt
  • The following are archives on a county level

  • Kreisarchiv Calw
    Vogteistr. 44 - 46
    75365 Calw
    Tel.: 0 70 51/ 1 60 - 3 14
    Fax: 0 70 51/ 7 95 - 3 14
  • Kreisarchiv fur den Landkreis Rastatt
    Herrenstr 13
    Postfach 1863
    76437 Rastatt
  • The following are Church Archives:

  • Archives of Catholic Church
    Erzbischofliches Archiv Freiburg
    Herrenstr 35
    79098 Freiburg im Breisgau
  • Archives of Evangelical Church
    Evangelical Church im Rheinland
    Hans Bockler - Str 7
    40476 Dusseldorf
  • Local offices of the Church of the LDS
    Kirche Jesu Christi der HLT
    Ernst - Frey - Str. 7
    76135 Karlsruhe
    att: Gabrielle Hofhansl
  • Kirche Jesu Christi der HLT
    Markgrafenstr 87
    79115 Freiburg
    Att: Wolfgang Suess
  • General Land Archives
    Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe
    Nördliche Hildapromenade 2
    76133 Karlsruhe
    Telefon: 0721/926-2201 (Lesesaal -2251)
    Telefax: 0721/926-2231
  • Military Archive
    Freiburg im Breisgau. (Bundesarchiv)
    Wiesentalstraße 10
    79115 Freiburg
    Phone: 0761/47817-0
    Fax: 0761/47817-900
    Archival User Service
    Phone: 0761/47817-864
    Opening hours
    Mon-Thu: 08:00 - 18:00
    Fri: 08:00 - 16:00
  • Staatsarchiv Freiburg
    Colombistr. 4
    79098 Freiburg im Breisgau